NATO Collaborative Research Grant (with C.A. Brebbia) 
 Compactly supported Radial Basis Function for Boundary Element Methods, 1997-98. 

(with M.D. Marcozzi and S. Choi) 
 On the valuation of derivative securities, 1999-2000.

NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant (with Sarler Bozidar and C.J.S. Alves)
The method of fundamental solutions for non-homogeneous problems,2001-2003.

UNLV NIA Award (with Jichun Li)
Meshless methods for ground water transport prolbems,  2001-2003.

USA-Slovenia Exchange Grant (with Bozidar Slovenia, Jichun Li and Darrell Pepper)
 Meshless methods for computational modeling of heat transfer and fluid flow, 2001-2003.

National Research Council (NRC, Collaboration in Basic Science and Engineering)
Meshless Methods using radial basis functions for heat transfer and fluid flow,  2003-2004.

National Science Foundation/INT (with Jichun Li)
Radial basis functions based meshless methods with applications to groundwater contaminant modeling, , 2003-2005.

(with Yitung Chen)
Modeling of radionuclide migration through geosphere using meshless methods, 2004-2005. 

NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant (with Evgeny Glushkov, C.J.S. Alves, G. Mishuris, S. Reutskiy)
Boundary meshlss methods for solving large scale problems, 2003-2005. 

Nevada NASA EPSCoR (with A.S. Muleshkov)
Meshless methods using radial basis functions for solving bending problem of a thin plate, 2005

Pearson Custom Publishing Equipment Grant (with Rex. Gandy, Justin McKenzie), 2006-2007.

NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant (with Ahmed Naji, Sergiy Reutskiy)
 Modeling Terrorist Attack on Environmental Pollution, 2007-2008.

IHL - National Center for Academic Transformation, (with Barry Piazza, Rex Gandy, H.Y. Tian, Janice Flechter)
Course Redesign: Emporium Model for Intermediate Algebra, 2008-2010.

  NATO-RTO (with Vladimir Kompis, Haiyan Tian) Advanced Computational Simulation of Composites Reinforced by Short Fibers, 2009-2011.

  Distinguished Overseas Visiting Scholar Fellowship Ministery of Eudcation, China, 2010-2014.

Distinguished Overseas Visiting Scholar Fellowship National Science Council, Taiwan, 2011-2012.

  Fulbright Specialist Grant Bureau of Education and Cultural Affair of the Department of State and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, U.S.A., 2012.

George Green Award 2020 Wessex Institute of Technology, University of Mississippi, Elsevier, 2020.