This webpage contains the final report of Mr. Janez Perko, a Ph.D. student in Materials Characterization at Nova Gorica Polytechnic (Slovenia), who completed a  course entitled "Meshless Methods for Scientific and Engineering Computing" under the supervision of C.S. Chen thourgh the distance eduation during the period August 2002 to April 2003.

 Final Project (PDF file  228K)
Computer Code (Fortran): (,
The contents of the course include the following topics:

1. Radial basis functions for surface reconstruction
2. The method of fundamental solutions
3. The method of particular solutions
4. Radial basis functions collocation method (Kansa’s method)
5. Applications to various engineering problems

The materials of the course are based on the manuscript of a research monograph entitled “Scientific Computing with Radial Basis Functions” that I am currently writing and the following two book chapters.