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My name is Sung Lee. I am a mathematician and a mathematical physicist.

I was originally trained as a pure mathematician (Differential Geometry) but in recent years my research focus has shifted to Theoretical Physics. I am particularly interested in quantum theory. I am trying to understand quantum theory from a mathematician's perspective, especially from that of a geometer. I believe that symmetry plays a crucial role in the physics of quantum world.
Besides quantum theory, I am also trying to understand mathematical and physical structures emerging from biological systems.

My main research theme is to study and to understand intriguing interactions between mathematics and physics. On the one hand, I use mathematics to understand physics better and to solve problems in physics. On the other hand, I attempt to solve problems in mathematics using techniques and ideas from physics and to discover new mathematical theories motivated by physical insights.

I am a problem solver and I like to tackle challenging real-life problems using mathematics and physics.

About the Image (Source: CMS/CERN)

Tracking the Higgs: A reconstructed particle collison in the CMS detector of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).