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A physicist's talk on Evariste Galois

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  • Started 3 years ago by lee

  1. lee
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    Dr. Khin Maung Maung, the Chair of Physics Department will give a talk in math department on Friday March 25. I personally know that Khin has been fascinated with Galois theory. I am looking forward to hearing a physicist's take on Galois theory. I also hope that he could give a possible physical insight on Galois theory. The schedule of his talk is

    Date & Time: Friday March 25 at 2:00pm
    Room: Southern Hall 303
    Title: Life of Galois and the Quinctic Equation
    Abstract: The life of Evariste Galois was short, full of disappointments and ended in tragedy. In his short and miserable life he had time to invent some mathematical concepts which shape the foundations and tools of modern day physics and mathematics. The ( posthumously recognized ) crowning achievement of his life was the proof of the unsolvability of the general quintic equation by radicals. In the first 20 min of the talk, I will cover briefly, the history of cubic and quartic equations, a bit on the life of Neils Henrik Abel, Abel-Ruffini Theorem and life of Galois. In the remainder of the time, I will touch on the mathematical tools needed to understand Galois' proof and the basic ideas behind the proof.

    Everyone is welcome to Khin's talk and undergraduate math/physics students are especially encouraged to attend his talk.

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