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Installing Maxima in Scientific Linux 6

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  • Started 2 years ago by lee

  1. lee
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    I had a trouble with dependency issues when I was trying install Maxima in my computer with Scientific Linux 6. So I decided to compile from the source. If you are running Scientific Linux 6 and want to install Maxima in your system, you may download Maxima rpm files that I compiled here. Once download all the rpm files from there, run the following command: (assuming that you downloaded those rpm files in /home/username/maxima-5.23.2-1/)

    1. In order to install Maxima, you need to be root, so type

    [username@hostname maxima-5.23.2-1]$ su

    and press enter. Then you will be asked to type your root password.
    2. As root, run the following command to install Maxima rpm files:

    [root@hostname maxima-5.23.2-1]# rpm -ivh *
    3. Once installation is done, you can open Maxima by running the commands:

    [username@hostname]$ maxima (in text mode);

    [username@hostname]$ xmaxima (in GUI mode)

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